Our Harvest

Raw Honey


A 4H project originally but with the recent decline in the bee population we felt that it was important to provide a safe place for hives.


Canned Jellies and Fruit Butters


Made in small batches to create the best quality product. These tasty treats are a great addition to your pantry.

Apple and Pear Butter, Plum, Blueberry, and Peach Jelly

Goat's Milk Soap


These bars are nourishing to the skin and can be the best choice for individuals with sensitivities to soap sold over the counter. Artisan goats milk soap made from our own milk off our farm.

Essential and Fragrance Oils Soaps Available

Lotion Bars and Scrubs


Lotion bars are made with beeswax and can be extremely soothing to cracked skin. We even have one that is a bug repellent but without the harsh chemicals you would get from a spray at the store.

Clay, Salt, and Sugar Masks are some of our best sellers!



Our fruits and vegetables are organic. While this is the smallest harvest at our farm, our hoop house will help increase this in the coming year!



Grass fed beef is a healthier option. We take  care of our animals to ensure that they are healthy and well fed to provide quality food for your family. We also have meat goats, chickens, eggs, and soon to come lamb. For you die hard grain fed beef lovers we have a few of those too!